Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well, Fucking Well

Does anyone remember the Union of Democratic Mineworkers? Thatcher's heroes in the struggle against the enemy within. Born in the coalfields of Nottinghamshire, they organised the miners who didn't believe that Thatcher was intent on shutting down the coal industry and were, many believe, one of the reasons the strike ultimately failed.

Anyway, the UDM is in the news again

I bet it brings a sentimental tear to the Iron Lady's rheumy old eyes.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another Moonbat Guardian Columnist

Another of those green anti capitalistic scum has been given house room by the Guardian :

Climate change is one of mankind's greatest challenges. In the past 30 years world temperatures have increased by almost 0.5C. We cannot predict with certainty what will happen now, but the risk of abrupt climate change certainly exists. Human activity is increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to levels unprecedented in human history. If we do nothing, or next to nothing, those levels will continue to rise, progressively increasing the risk of runaway global warming.

There are those who say the risks have been exaggerated. To such people I say this: if we go your way and you are wrong we will save money in the short term but incur an immense penalty in the long term; if we go my way and I am wrong we will incur costs in the short term but with the reward of greener, cleaner technologies for saving and generating energy. Such technologies would improve air quality, avoid acid rain and reduce our dependency on imported gas and oil.

I wonder if the Kid will have some suitably withering riposte at his place or at the Edge of Corporate America's Sword.